Felix Unite River Adventures

Orange River 4 Day Trips on the great Orange River in Southern Namibia is more than just a river trip!

You will indeed get to experience Gourmet River Food. At the same time an African Night Sky, and the starkly barren Richtersveld National Park.

What you can expect on an Orange River Trip?

On the Orange River 4 Day Trips Under the guidance of experienced and qualified staff you will also enjoy adventure not easily matched.

In Fact enjoy scrumptious meals even raging campfires with great company as you overnight under the starlit African sky on an Adventure with Felix Unite.

CONTACT NUMBER: +27 087 354 0578

WEB ADDRESS: www.felixunite.com

E-MAIL ADDRESS: reservations@felix.co.za

CONTACT PERSON: Lisa Fellows - Reservations

ADDRESS: HEAD OFFICE : UNIT 202B Tokai Village, Vans Road Tokai, 7945

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