JBay Bru Co

JBay Bru Co. is simple in its objectives; to delight their customers with their man-sized burgers and authentic wood fired pizzas. Set in the sleepy surfing town of Jeffreys Bay, JBay Bru Co is the ideal spot to relax after a day out on the beach, or to ebb one’s stress away after a long working week. If it’s a hearty breakfast you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a ‘Bru Breakfast’. Offering generous portions to their customers, these meals provide all the nutrition without skimping out on flavour. ‘Bru Wokked Omelette’ is a three, free-range egg omelette that is filled with handfuls of bacon; leek, spring onion ragu, roasted pepper; feta and cheddar cheese, and served with a slice of toast.

Alternatively, the ‘Egg in the Nest’ is another delicious start to one’s day. This meal consists of a crispy puff pastry case filled with two free range eggs, shitake mushrooms, bacon, Frankfurter sausage, herb aioli, and fresh rocket. Diners who’ve worked up an appetite after a morning riding the waves can enjoy a wide range of ‘Bru Burgers’. Opt for the ‘Bru Burger’ which is Jbay Bru Co’s signature burger. This monster meal is a 160-gram pork patty fried in a beer basting sauce and topped with garlic aioli, lettuce, plum tomato, port onion marmalade, and gherkins.

Opt for a wood fired pizza if you’re in the mood for some Italian fare. If you’re leaning more towards a sweet treat, the dessert ‘Sweet Pizza’ will tantalise your taste buds. This pizza with a difference is topped with homemade marshmallow, fresh strawberries, and drizzled with maple syrup.

Customers can munch on good food, or slurp on a beer while relaxing in comforts of the beer garden. During the winter, make yourself comfortable in front of a roaring fire.

Tel: 042 940 0165


10 Da Gama Street Jeffreys Bay www.jbaybruco.co.za

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