De Oude Kraal

This is a luxurious, award winning restaurant, four-star Bloemfontein guest house, situated 35km south of Bloemfontein on the N1, Free State, South Africa. This Bloemfontein Guest house, Free State accommodation, is situated on a Merino sheep farm, allowing you to experience the best of the Free State’ Country lifestyle. Owners Gerhard and Marie Lombard established De Oude Kraal Country Estate and Spa through hard work, dedication and love for all things native to the Free State, having built a legacy they want to share with you. De Oude Kraal fine restaurant offers you our flagship five-course gourmet dinner, buffet breakfast, a light lunch or a three-course gourmet lunch. You may also enjoy tea and cake in the afternoon and an award winning wine list with a wide range of excellent wines. Booking is essential. De Oude Kraal is listed in the Top 100 American Express Fine Dining establishments for the eighth consecutive year.

“De Oude Kraal’s food originates from the traditional farm cooking done by generations of families, in other words ‘slow cooking method’ as generally known, but served with a French flair. Food is a passion within me and I become inspired when working with good products. It nourishes my soul being in the Free State where I have access to wonderful ingredients that arrive in our kitchen from different sources; from our Helen-Joan’s vegetable garden; bought at the fresh produce market by Helen-Joan or plainly from the local butcher.

All the produce gets inspected, smelled, touched, appreciated and respected before we start to transform them. Only then can they be approached with humility. Food originates from the product. Products come from the soil on which we live. I live at De Oude Kraal, south of Bloemfontein in the heart of the grass plains. My heart, my feet, my food, my family has its roots here, grows, flourishes and is sustained here. I am proud of the local produce.”


N1 South 35kms South of Bloemfontein Offramp 153, Tierpoort

Tel: 051 564 0636

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